How to Do the Back to Front Chip Trick


Back to front chip trick might look easy, but it’s actually pretty darn difficult to learn (at least it was for me). The best thing you can do is to learn the thumb flip first and then move on to this one, becouse it requires a lot of the same skills.

OK, let’s get started, step by step…

Step 1.

First thing you should do is hold your chips correctly. The hold is the same as when you’re doing a thumb flip and it should look like this:


Step 2.

Now place your pinky at the bottom of the chip closest to your palm and use your thumb to roll it away from the other chips. At this point you should be holding that single chip with your thumb and pinky, and the other chips with your ring, index and middle fingers.


Step 3.

If you haven’t broken your fingers yet, you will now. Here’s the tough part… bend your index, middle and ring fingers backwards twoards your palm while keeping your pinky and thumb still. Once the single chip is further away from your palm than the rest, use your thumb and pinky to slide it infront of the other chips and you are done!


Useful tips:

  • Practice with 3 chips first.
  • Try simultaniously bending your index, middle and ring fingers twoards your palm without chips a few times so you’ll get the feel for it.