About me…

Hello, my dear reader! My name is Alex and I am the creator of Card Games Planet and it’s sister site Party Games Planet.

I think I’m a pretty typical mid-twenty-year-old, except that I really, really, REALLY like playing card games. No kidding, I really like the strategy behind them and the mental challenge of dominating your opponent at a game through better understanding of the math and psychology behind it. That is also why I created Card Games Planet…

…about Card Games Planet

This website was born out of a desire to learn more about card games, learn new games and also a wish to create a complete guide to as many card games as possible. The end goal of this website is basically to make an online information hub for card games, a place where you can find strategies, rules, information on online platforms etc., all in one place.

Whoever has browsed the web for information about different card games might have noticed that there is a ton of information on some… khm… poker… khm… and not that much on others. Also you have great websites with a ton of rules like Pagat, great websites with a ton of strategy like Poker Strategy, websites with tons of games etc., but you don’t have a websites where you can learn the rules, get some basic strategy and find a place to play online where you can try out your new found knowledge… especially not for many, many different card games!

This is Where Card Games Planet Wishes to Fill the Gape

so that all card enthusiasts can find everything in one place.

I realize that I’m still far away from finished, but that’s because there’s just too many games and too much information to ever actually be finished… but I’ll give it a shot and you can also help by contributing rules to card games and drinking card games through the forms in the links.

That’s all folks! Hope you like what you find here and enjoy playing fun games!

Want to make your own website?

I’m basically an ex-poker player and a law student with almost no coding knowledge, but I still made this at least half decent website. Now-a-days it really isn’t that hard with all the online editors and free tamplets… but there is also this really awesome place called Solo Build It! where Card Games Planet and many other awesome websites ware born.

Solo Build It! is more than just an editor, it’s also an analysis tool, email provider, full guide, SEO adviser and much, much more. Basically even, if you are a total nOOb with no coding skills, you can still make a nice, functional and, most importantly, well visited website.

So if you have a great idea or something you are passionate about and you want to turn it into a website and share it with the world, give it a try!